Saturday, December 6, 2014

'Apple Will Sell 24 Million Apple Watch In 2015'

Apple will sell 24 million Apple Watch. But what are the prices, date of release and more, read on...

UBS gave its estimates for Apple Watch. A major financial services companies think Apple will sell 24 million copies of his watch connected throughout 2015. This data is more important, no shows connected Android Wear has managed such a feat today. It would be a very good performance. The side of Samsung, for example, six watches are out for 13 months, none has really found its audience.

Apple Watch price

Apple unveiled its Apple Watch in September alongside the iPhone 6. But many questions remain unanswered to date, including price. Apple said that the prices starts from $349, but gave no other rates. According to gossip, 18k model could rise to $ 5,000. Apple should tell us more in the next weeks.

Apps for Apple Watch

To date, developers are encouraged to create applications for the Apple Watch. Apple offers them Watchkit, a development kit dedicated to the watch. It was released in conjunction with the first beta of iOS 8.2, 18 November.

In terms of sales, there is little chance that Apple Unveils. During the recent financial results, Apple announced that Apple would be consolidated the Apple Watch in accessories, as are the iPhone.

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