Friday, December 26, 2014

Auxo 3 From A3tweaks Is Available: New And Better Features

The A3Tweaks team offers today Auxo 3, updating its famous tweak Auxo 2. The timing is interesting, just before Christmas. Developers doubt that new users will, for some, jailbreak their device tonight or tomorrow. This is an opportunity to dream of getting noticed.

Auxo 3 from A3tweaks is available now on Cydia BigBoss repo. Check all the new Auxo 3 features and download now

Auxo 3 Features

Auxo provides three key functions. The first is access to the multitasking performing scanning on the screen from the bottom upwards. No need to use the Home button. The bottom of the screen displays the control center with the various options natively by Apple.

The second use is the rapid change of application. Just do a sweep upwards from the left corner of the screen and let his finger. The different applications running in multitasking will display with icons, just drag to the desired application to open quickly. The third and final feature is the "Hot Corner" function, it is possible to return to the Home screen by scanning upwards from the right corner of the screen. The Home button is never used, what relief.


Auxo 3 is available at price of $ 2.99 on Cydia on the BigBoss source. Users who purchased Auxo 2 may have the update for $ 0.99.

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This article is part of the series Jailbreak.

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