Friday, December 19, 2014

Samsung started manufacturing A9 chips for the iPhone 6S - iPhone 7

Apple has definitely hard to do without his best enemy. So we thought to be that TSMC would buy up the production of processors of the next iPhone, it seems that once again Samsung is heavily involved in the process, the Asian giant has acquired a difficult skill to match when it 'comes down to the fingerprints.

Samsung has started manufacturing A9 processors engraved in 14nm for the next iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone 7!

Apple's A9 processor

Samsung today would be able to produce without too much waste processors for burning 14nm, which would be the desired fineness by Apple for the next processor A9 to equip the iPhone 6s 2015. The interest of is also burning burn enable performance gains without impacting too hard on the energy consumption of the chip. Samsung would use FinFET components to achieve the desired objectives by Apple, i.e thin silicon plates placed on the chip in order to minimize heat loss.

A9 processor is manufactured in the factory of Austin, Texas, and Samsung has even begun to produce some early copies of the chip. TSMC, which is currently only able than down to 16 nm, will have to quickly find a solution if it does not want the market for the iPhone goes under his nose.

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