Thursday, December 11, 2014

YouTube for Apple TV gets new design, more features and VEVO is back

YouTube for Apple TV gets new design, more features and unfortunately ads. But it is now possible to watch videos from VEVO channel on Apple TV

YouTube has given its app for the Apple TV the promised update. The look of the app is now equal to that on the Xbox and other TV platforms. There are many new features added, but the Apple TV isn't ad free anymore.

The main new features are personal suggestions, the ability to subscribe to channels from the Apple TV, suggestions while you search and better related videos at the end of each video. Search suggestions are especially handy if you use the remote control of the Apple TV.

Because the Apple TV didn't support YouTube ads previously, so it wasn't possible to view all kind of videos on YouTube. For example, it wasn't possible to view music videos from the VEVO channel. The update will be rolled out automatically.


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