Saturday, January 24, 2015

Apple is considering a Smart Cover for iPad smarter (iPad Air 3)

Apple has obtained a new patent that talks about the Smart Cover. This accessory for iPad existed for several years now, it can protect the screen of the tablet essentially. He wants some intelligent, the screen turns off automatically when the Smart Cover covers the entire surface. Apple has other ideas.

Apple is considering a Smart Cover for iPad smarter (iPad Air 3)
In his patent, Apple mentions the possibility to use certain functions without fully open the Smart Cover. By opening the first segment, the user could, for example handle the volume of music, the brightness of the screen or see some notifications, as an email. By opening two segments, it might read this email in question, and access other options.

Another idea is to fit Apple display depending on how the user closes the Smart Cover. If the farm half a playing video could be reduced to always appear in the remaining part of the screen. Being a patent, we do not know if Apple will offer this Smart Cover smarter. Apple suggests the use of sensors in the iPad to work.


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