Friday, March 13, 2015

Apple Watch in all its form. Features and Prices

Apple Watch
Apple has been slow to come to the main course in this Keynote, but at least the food is plentiful there. The watch has connected first got a call from his post... fitness, to monitor its efforts throughout the day, illustrating his point with the field work of athlete named Christy Turlington Burns, who participates in half marathons in Africa while giving assistance to the most vulnerable local populations.

Apple Watch in all its form
After this appetizer (to remain in the culinary analogy), came the great ball of applications; In traditional information apps CNN and ESPN, Apple introduced other more novel applications like remote to open the doors of his house (even at great distance course)... And check opening through images from the camera to the house directly on the screen of the Apple Watch! The Apple Watch can also receive calls, which undoubtedly recall some of the old movies of James Bond. For the rest of the presentation, we must recognize that what we see does not really change what had been presented in the previous Keynote.

Apple Watch in all its form
Apple Watch in all its form
Place then the materials submitted by 2 spots (voice of Jonathan Ive), each of them explaining the virtues of aluminum (Apple Watch Sport) and Steel (Apple Watch); for gold, Tim Cook will merely recall the price. All models can be pre-booked from 10 April, but the addition may seem a bit painful to many:

Apple Watch Sport:

$ 349: 38mm Model
$ 399: 42mm Model

Apple Watch:

$549 up to $ 1,049 for the 38mm model $ 599 to $ 1,099 for the 42mm model, the price difference is doing at the bracelet.

As for the Apple Watch Gold Edition, which will be available only in some Apple Store, it will cost no less than... 10,000 dollars.


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