Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Twitter sharing disappeared from the latest iOS beta

The latest beta of iOS solves many bugs, but also contains a "wolf": the disappearance of Twitter in iOS sharing options. Without warning Apple has removed the link sharing a text or link to Twitter, a notable absence in both the system itself and in the Apple Apps comes as standard, like Photos or Safari.

Apple has removed the Twitter app icon in iOS 8.3.

This change could hide a big change from the App, Twitter itself, which could be enriched with new features making it much less necessary the old sharing function. There is also a precedent for this type of "withdrawal", with the case of YouTube, which had been removed from the version of iOS 6 before reappearing as an app "stand-alone"much richer performance and effective application very infrequently updated proposed standard.

Hope nonetheless that these changes does will impact negatively on some not particularly convenient features, as does hanging a picture with his iPhone to then switch on the fly on his Twitter account directly from sharing options. It is not certain that a remote application is in this case as convenient to use.

See also: Twitter removes Music App from the App Store.


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