Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Kono.ai - Mobile Scheduler App review for iPhone and Apple Watch

Meetings at work, picking up the kids, going to the gym - when you have a busy life there are a lot of things you have to juggle at the same time. To make life easier, your very own personal assistant Kono can help you schedule everything you need to do.

Kono’s taking over

There are literally tons of schedule and planning apps available online. However, Kono sticks out from the crowd because the app itself will give you suggestions when and where to meet! Not only that, Kono will even automatically send invites to your guests.

Getting lunch with myself

Kono needs some input from you in order to make an accurate schedule. You start by having to connect with Google or Facebook. For some reason I can’t connect with Facebook - Google it is. After synchronizing with my phone’s and Google’s calendar, I’m given my Kono calendar which shows all up and coming birthdays. Makes sense because I don’t use my phone or Google to plan anything. I’m an old fashioned paper planner girl. There is a green plus button at the bottom of my Kono calendar. Not to my surprise, it’s the make a new event button. I think it’s time to have lunch with myself. I hope I can make it.

So, should I try Kono.ai? It's available for iPhone and Apple watch. Meetings at work, picking up the kids, going to the gym - when you have a busy life there are a lot of things you have to juggle at the same time.The app checks the schedule of my invited guests after which it shows me options for a meeting place. Kono is correct in suggesting establishments in the Netherlands, but misses the mark by

suggesting Amsterdam. However, I realize I haven’t given Google or Kono any precise information on my location. My mistake. After randomly choosing a place and time, Koni sets up an invitation, sends it after my confirmation and lunch has been put on my calendar. It still has the pending status so I confirm and now it’s time to see if my guest does too.

Considering I’ve invited myself, I immediately go to my other email account to see if I received the invitation. No, bummer! After everything went so smoothly, I’m disappointed I have to wait 25 minutes before I receive my invite.

What else can Kono do for me?

I played around a bit after planning the appointment. I changed the time and immediately got an email telling me the event had been updated. You can add your home and work address. The more information you give and the more plans you add to your calendar, the smarter Kono will be. For example, when planning an appointment, if you have meetings back to back, Kono will never plan the next appointment 15 minutes later when your travel time is 40 minutes. You will receive notifications when it’s time to leave or when you are going to be late based on your location and average travel time.

Are the guests you’re inviting also using Kono? All calendars will be automatically compared to pick a perfect time. Everyone not using an app will get an email like I did - but remember that could take up to 30 minutes.

So, should I try Kono.ai?

The apps looks good and I always enjoy an app telling me Good Night or TGIF it’s almost the weekend. The process of planning an appointment went well and I like the fact that Kono does a lot for you. You only have to make few choices. Unfortunately, you can’t synchronize Kono with any other calendar then Google’s or the one on your phone. If that works for you, Kono won’t disappoint!

Kono.ai is available for free in the App Store (iOS8,3+, universal, Apple Watch supported).

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